Monday, April 16, 2018

Weekly Updates & Homework

Happy week before school vacation!

This week students in Language Arts class will be working on a
writing assessment.  This requires students to write an historical fiction
narrative (story) or complete journal entries using facts from our study
of westward expansion topics.  This means your student has homework
all week! Tonight students need to complete their fact sheet and
planning guide, and the rest of the week requires them to write. Stories
will need to be completed by Friday.

Social Studies: This week we will wrap up a very successful Oregon Trail
simulation game.  The students are having fun with this. We will wrap up with
processing the challenges and difficulties faced by the pioneers.  At the end of
the week, we will have our final assessment on the Westward Expansion unit.  
Students should begin reviewing 15 minutes per night starting Tuesday
(vocabulary words, Timeline notes and "you teach" questions/notes).

Math: Students have been working on finding the GCF of two numbers using
several different methods. They should all have a minimum of 7 problems done
by now and are looking to complete the page by Friday.Many students have not
yet handed in the volume and surface area of rectangular prisms worksheet
(first page only). They should have completed it by now, as it was assigned over
two weeks ago, and all students had a minimum of three days of class to work on the problems.Today we worked on data vocabulary and will be working on learning to
build, and interpret box and whisker plots.

Monday, April 9, 2018

4/9/18 Weekly Update

Good morning, Families!

Eligibility forms for sports have begun!  Every Thursday, school-sport athletes
must have their forms signed by all teachers.  Please note: This option is
available to all parents that would like feedback on your student on a weekly

Grade 6 parent/ student conferences will be held on Thursday, April 19 and
on Thursday, May 3.  Sign up sheets will arrive home with your child very soon.  

Language Arts students will receive a review sheet today to prepare for a test on
Friday, April 13.  Many students also still need to pass in their Sign of the Beaver
book summaries.  These summaries were the first writing grade of the new trimester.

Social Studies:  We just finished our Westward Expansion timeline last week.
 This week we are embarking on one specific aspect of Westward Expansion.......
the Oregon Trail.  Students will participate in a simulation/game activity that will
hopefully touch upon the realistic hardships of what these pioneers experienced.  
We will wrap this up with student choice topics to research based on the
hardships and realities of the journey.  Please ask your son/daughter questions
throughout the week to help reinforce their learning.

Literacy- Reading a minimum of 20 minutes a night makes a huge difference
in writing and preparedness for future schooling.  We can make some great book
suggestions if your child can’t seem to find anything!

Math students will be working in groups and teaching their peers about Greatest
Common Factor and Least Common Multiple.

In Science, students are finishing their work with testing chemicals and writing
conclusions about their findings.  There should be an assessment next week.

Monday, April 2, 2018

Weekly Update 4/2/18

Good Morning Families! 4/2/18

A quick reminder: today is a half day! Also, Check your mailbox for
report cards!

This week students will have 3 days of Math SBAC testing for a little
over an hour on each of the three days, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.  

Our SBAC testers and Science Fair finalists will be honored with a brief
assembly (15 minutes) on Friday morning, April 6 from 7:30- 7:45.

For Literacy class, students should be reading a minimum of 20 minutes
per night.

Math practice worksheets and answer keys can be found at
Fraction work would be most helpful.

Social Studies:  This week students will wrap up their timelines on the
Westward Expansion events that we have been learning about.  All timelines
should be finished by Wednesday.  If you would like to see your son/daughter's
timeline, they are online in their google drives.  We will then move onto
"The Oregon Trail". This will focus on some of the hardships some of the early
pioneers experienced.  We will learn about this through a video and a simulation game.

Language Arts students will continue learning about the Lewis and Clark expedition
in preparation for their own Journal or story writing.  Sign of the Beaver book
summaries are very past due!  Please ask your student about handing in
their summary.


We would like to thank you for your continuous support and patience with the
report card delay.  Our tech specialists have been trying to solve the mystery
of the disappearing report card comments and other glitches in the program.
Below you will find the directions for viewing all teacher comments through
Power school that the should have been visible on the report card.  Also,
PBGRs written in all capital letters in PowerSchool are the grades that show
up on the report card. For example, PBGR.MMS.ELA.R READING is a report
card grade.

1. Sign into PowerSchool
2. Click on the STANDARDS GRADES tab
3. Click on the teacher/ course
4. Scroll down to the PBGR grades
5. Click on the comment icon in the T2 column.  
6. To view the next teacher's comment, continue to scroll down, and repeat steps 3-5.

Thank you,

Team Independence

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Weekly Update

Hello, Families! 3/27/18

As you know this is SBAC week for all of our middle school students.
Yesterday was a successful day overall. Testing will continue through
Thursday 3/29, and will run Tuesday- Thursday of next week.  

Monday, April 2 is a half day of school.  Lunch (brown bag) will be served.

A huge congratulations to Kylie Agan, Lorelei Right, Jacon Rathbun and
Carter Abell for their award winning science fair projects. These students
took home money, medals and certificates for their efforts.  Carter Abell
has been invited to Washington D.C. to present his work! We are so proud!

Math students are working on long division the old fashioned way!  Parents can help!
Worksheets and answer keys can be found at

LA students have a Sign of the Beaver summary that was assigned Feb 16,
and many are still not complete.  Students will be given a heads up today if they still
owe the assignment and the expectation is that it is completed by the end of the day
on Friday.

To keep skills sharp,  Literacy students are expected to read a minimum
of 20 minutes per night.

Science fair students are looking at chemical compounds and matter.  The classroom
looks like a real testing laboratory!
Thank you!

Team Independence

Monday, March 19, 2018

3/19/18 Weekly News


Hello, Families!


  • This week parents/ students should receive report cards in the mail

  • Spring Sports Meeting - Monday, 3/26 at 6:30 pm in the MS Gym.

  • This is a busy week of preparation for Science Fair finalists and
Junior Iron Chef participants.  We wish all of you good luck in your
Saturday, March 24 presentations!

  • SBAC (Reading and writing) begins Monday, 3/26 and continues
through 3/30. Math SBAC is the following week.

In Language Arts, students will finish public speaking presentations today,
due to the snow day.  It is wonderful to see the courage our students possess
to stand and deliver in front of their peers.    We will spend the rest of the week
refreshing our reading skills and strategies that have been introduced throughout
the year.

Math students are expected to be practicing their Math skills on  
Worksheets and an answer key are available on this site.

Social Studies:  Since we were pushed back a day due to the snow day, the
vocabulary quiz will now be this week.  Also, students have been working in
groups on posters which they will use to "teach" the class about one aspect of
Westward Expansion.  By the end of the week, students will be putting these events
into a timeline.
QUIZ - Friday (students should study the 6 words from their vocabulary

Literacy- As always read at least 20 minutes a night, it makes a world of difference!
 By Tuesday, Chapter 8 reading and questions for a Wrinkle in Time should
be complete.

Have a great week!

Team Independence

Monday, March 12, 2018

Weekly Parent News 3/12/18


Hello Parents!

This week, the book fair is set up in the library.  Students will have limited (if any) time
to visit during the regular day, so please make sure to arrange time after school.  
The book fair is open each day unit 8 pm, and Friday until 5 pm.

Students should bring home a permission slip to be signed and return to their
advisory teacher.  This will allow them to walk to the high school on Thursday,
March 15 to watch a dance company performance.  They will ride buses home
from there.

Social Studies:  This week we will continue with our new unit on Westward
Expansion.  Students are working in groups to specialize in one topic on expansion.  
They will create posters to teach the rest of the class. We will answer questions
based on the presentations.  At the end of the week we will have a quiz on vocabulary
1.  Complete questions - note taking in class from presentations
2.  QUIZ Friday on vocabulary words

Language Arts: Students should be practicing their presentation skills of face,
pace and voice. Presentations will start on Wednesday.  Students that have
not completed last week’s Sign of the Beaver summary need to complete
it this week for homework.

Literacy: Students need to complete chapters 6 & 7 and the accompanying
questions for A Wrinkle in Time.

Math:  Please continue to practice decimals and operations.  
Worksheets can be found on

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Weekly Update 3/6/18

Hello, Families! 3/6/18

We hope you had an opportunity to enjoy time with your students during this much needed break!

This week will be a busy one, as it is the conclusion of the second trimester.  
Report cards can be expected in the mail sometime next week. Students will start their
new UA classes today as well as enjoy a a new mix of classmates in their core classes.

We are so very proud of our Annie actors, singers, stage hands, prop masters and artists!  
What a wonderful performance by a talented group of individuals!

Please note that the middle school athletes meeting has been postponed.  
The new meeting time is TBA.

Social Studies:  This week we are starting a new unit called "Westward Expansion".  
The focus will be on how the United States expanded to its current size post American Revolution.  
This will include how a state becomes a state, the ways in which the U.S. acquired land, and many
of the challenges with expansion.  The assignments this week:
1.  Definitions / Sentences (5 vocabulary words) - due Wednesday
2.  Map of US acquisitions - due Wednesday
3.  Questions for 1 assigned acquisition - due Friday

Language Arts: students have two assignments due this week.
1. Sign of the Beaver book summary
2. 300 word story, research or skit with script- to be practiced for a public
speaking grade next week.
3. Past due assignments that must be completed by Friday:  
  • Sign of the Beaver Reading assessment (received by students on February 16 and officially   
assigned February 19)
  • Sign of the Beaver informational paragraph (received by students on February 16 and
officially assigned February 20)
In Literacy, students will need to read through the end of chapter 4 in A Wrinkle in Time and
complete the visualization close read sheet that accompanies chapters 3 & 4. These are both
due tomorrow, therefore, need to be finished tonight.  
Chapters have been copied so that students may take them home.

Have a great week!
Team Independence