Saturday, September 1, 2018

Monday, June 18, 2018

6/18/18 Summer Reading Notice

Happy Summer!

Each student should be bringing home a copy of their summer reading book,
Flying Lessons and Other Stories. All middle school students are reading this book,
and will be expected to complete activities in September based on their favorite
of the 10 short stories.

If your student was not able to get the book, copies are available in the
grades 6-8 office.

It has been a pleasure teaching our grade 6 team this school year, and we thank
you for your support throughout!

We wish our students an adventurous and fun filled summer!

Team Independence

Monday, June 11, 2018

Final Team Independence News Letter

Hello, Families!

Now that we have entered the home stretch, the excitement is palpable!

This Friday, June 15, we are hoping to have an activity day consisting of movies,
outdoor games such as the egg toss, and wiffle ball.  We will purchase snacks using the
money won by students in the Box Top competition.  To participate in the activities, we
are asking students to do their best not earn ODR’s or multiple TAB outs this week.  

In Social Studies, students are engaged an a skills recall competition, with multiple
ways to win and in Language Arts they will continue reading The Schwa Was Here,
as well as demonstrate skills by playing Quizlet and other review games.  In Literacy,
students will finish the movie,
A Wrinkle in Time.

We would like to thank families for supporting our Industrial Revolution Project Night.
We are so very proud of our students! Presentations as you know, are not easy,
however 99% of our students stood to present their Industrial Revolution Projects
and/ or written pieces in class, and after school during our project presentation night.
What a great way to end the academic year!

As you may recall, this 2017-2018 school year was our first attempt at an
independent 6th grade team. Although we struggled with our schedule configuration
and needed to work out a few other kinks, students and parent were patient and flexible.  
We believe we have had a great finish with your amazing children! We thank you for
your support throughout this 6th grade year!


Team Independence

Monday, June 4, 2018

Weekly News 6/4/18


Happy Monday to our Families!

Wednesday Event True Confessions: Stacey failed to inform our principals of a
time change for our Wednesday event which is now scheduled for 5:00- 6:30.
This being said, I plan on being here to from 5:00- 7:30 to accommodate any
previously made plans since the first memo was sent.  My hope is to see as many
students arrive with their parents as we can.

Language Arts Requirement:
Students will present their Social studies projects for their last Language Arts
public speaking grade, either in front of their peers (whole class) or at the open
house to an adult.  We are looking forward to seeing students demonstrate their
knowledge and hard work.

Math students will be completing their slideshows in class and in Science
students are looking at potential and kinetic energy through an in-class activity.  

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Announcements 5/15/18

Hello, families! 5/15/18


MATH-  STAR test for Math on Wednesday, May 23.  There are also many resources
on the Team Independence blog:

Literacy- STAR reading test this Thursday, May 17.  STAR will be on Friday for chorus kids.

In Language Arts, Literacy and Social Studies students are studying the industrial
revolution of the 1800’s.  As part of the unit, there will be a grade 6 learner celebration/
Open House on Wednesday, June 6 from 6:00 to 7:30.  Parents can come anytime and
enjoy a stroll through the many projects based on inventions, inventors and reformers of
the time.  

In social studies students have a Quiz tomorrow (Wednesday 5/16).  

In Language Arts, students are writing argument essays this week based on topics
of their choice brainstormed in class.  This is the first of two opportunities to write an argument
to be reflected on the trimester 3 report card.

Monday, May 14, 2018

Math Classwork Division - Videos to Watch


1. Divisibility Rules Refresher
fun video!

2. Long division with whole number and decimals. We have 3 different videos by
music preference!

Indy style song sung to the Lumineers - about 2mins

     Country style  
Colorful and fun - 2 mins 49 sec

      Cool beat - 2 mins 48 sec

3. Long division with decimals

8 mins 14 sec - engaging
2 examples: decimal divisor and decimal divisor and dividend

3 mins 19 sec

Use this video as a resource for your classwork today!

Monday, April 30, 2018

4/30 Weekly update

Hello, Families!
We hope our students had a restful break!

  • On Wednesday, May 2, Students will be attending Machine de Cirque at the
Flynn Theater, please make sure permission forms and money has been
handed in prior to the show.

  • Students/ parents need to turn in input forms for next year’s student placement

  • Conferences are being held this Thursday, May 3.  Slots are filling up quickly!
If you have not been able to schedule and would like to please let us know.

Language Arts- This week students students will start with making corrections
to their westward expansion narratives.  This can be done in class and, if need be,
worked on at home. We will then begin an in-class reading of the novel,
The Schwa Was Here, which we will modify into a child’s picture book or an adult
informational handbook. We will alternate days between the book and Industrial
Revolution topics.

Social Studies:  This week will will begin our final unit of the year!  The unit is on the
Industrial Revolution. We will start with an introduction and then move into the early
inventions that influenced the way we live today.  A reminder to any student who
was not around for the Westward Expansion test on the Friday before break.  
These students will need to be prepared to take the test on Tuesday.

Literacy: Students need to make sure all discussion questions for
A Wrinkle in Time are completed and turned in.  This week they will also be
starting their book project.
Math: Students will spend the week working on LCM- Least common multiple.

Science: Students will be finishing chemical reactions. We will soon begin our unit
on energy.