Monday, February 12, 2018

Team Independence Weekly Update

Hello Families!

We would like to congratulate all of our students for their successful completion of the 2018 Science Fair!  Feedback from judges stated that students presented with confidence and enthusiasm, we are so proud!

There is a dance this Friday, February 16.  Students will “dress-up” which consists of wearing something other than a t-shirt or sweatshirt, if they choose the option of changing up their look for the night.  $4.00 gets students in the door starting at 7:00 and snacks will be sold.  The dance ends at 9:00pm.

Social Studies:  This week we are back into our unit on Colonization and Settlement.  We will finish comparing and contrasting Plymouth and Jamestown early in the week and then we will begin review for an assessment which will take place Friday.  Here is what they need to work on:
1. Squanto questions or character portrait (their choice) - due Tues
2. Review worksheet (2 sided) on Plymouth and Jamestown - due Wed
3. Review for assessment - 15-20  minutes per night starting Wed.

In Language Arts, students will finish the Sign of the Beaver novel.  A summary of the book will be required by the end of Friday’s class and an assessment will take place on Tuesday of next week.  

In Math, students completed the STAR assessment and many improved since the last test in September.  Please ask your child about their results.

Literacy students took the STAR reading assessment last week, and are reading A Wrinkle in Time this week in class.  

Monday, February 5, 2018

Weekly Update 2/5/18

Good Morning Families!

This week, students will be engaged in Science Fair preparation.  
The Science Fair will be held this Thursday night from 5:30- 7:30
in the Middle School gymnasium and surrounding classrooms.
Within that time frame, students will locate judges to whom they will present
their project, participate in raffles and can choose to be involved in a scavenger hunt.

Students will be taking the STAR reading and math assessments this week.
Reading will take place on Monday in Literacy class, and math will occur on Friday
during math classes.

Morning math with Ms. Johnson will be held on Mon, Wed, & Fri 7:00-7:30
focusing on geometry and statistics.  Please contact Amy if you are interested i
n this opportunity for your child.

Social Studies:  Last week we focused on the Plymouth settlement.  
This week we will be taking a break from our Colonization and Settlement Unit
and focusing our energies on the Science Fair projects.  We will utilize our time
on writing and editing to help get the projects ready for Thursday's big event.

Language Arts: Students will be finishing Science Fair writing as well as
continuing with the reading of the Sign of the Beaver.  There will be no homework in
Language Arts, other than to continue work on Science Fair writing.

Literacy: Students will begin reading A wrinkle in Time this week when not engaged
in the Science Fair.

Monday, January 29, 2018

Weekly Update 1/29/18

Good morning Families!

On Friday, your son/daughter should have brought home the progress reports.  
The reports assessed the "transferable skills" (ie. work habits and participation).  
Those are the boxes that you see checked off.  The standards assessment (content),
which you see on the report cards, was not on these progress reports.  
Please initial the colored half sheet to confirm that you saw each progress
report and return it to advisory teachers by no later than this Friday.  

Another quick note......please check with your son or daughter to ensure that they have pencils.
 We are finding a large number of kids showing up without pencils to class.

This is a very busy week as your child nears the deadline for the science fair project.  
Students should be wrapping up experiments and writing conclusions in preparation for the
Science Fair on Thursday, February 8.  

Morning math with Ms. Johnson will be held on Mon, Wed, & Fri 7:00-7:30 focusing on
geometry and statistics.  Please contact Amy if you are interested in this opportunity for your

In Math, students will have a quiz on division of fractions on Wednesday.  On Thursday,
students will begin decimal operations. Most students have daily Math homework,
please check in with them.

Social Studies:  This week we are continuing with the first English settlements in the colonies.
 We will finish with Jamestown and move on to Plymouth.  
To Do This Week in Social Studies:
1.  students will need to complete the Jamestown worksheet based on the web game we
played in class
2.  a worksheet with questions related to Plymouth
3.  a Venn diagram worksheet comparing and contrasting Jamestown and Plymouth.  

Language Arts:  Students are reading the novel The Sign of the Beaver which will result
in another opportunity to write an informational paragraph using evidence from the text.  
Each day that we read in class, students are expected to write a summary of what is read.  
What is not completed in class for whatever reason will become homework.

As always, let us know if you have any questions. Have a great week!


Team Independence

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Thursday 1/11/18 Homework - Language Arts

Students will be asked to finish answering a series of questions based on a NEWSELA reading on Jamestown.  The assignment will be started in class. Students can access the article through Google Classroom if they did not take a hard copy.

1/9/18 Weekly Update

Happy New Year and Happy January! 1/8/18

Calendar Sales: Student have been asked to participate in a fundraiser for their 8th grade Boston field trip.  The calendar sale is the most profitable for students (their account receives 9 out of every $10 calendar sold).  Mrs. Endres has the calendars to be sold.  Tickets and money are due to Mrs. Endres ASAP.

Progress Reports will be sent home on January 19th, delivered by your student.  Grades and other information that are reflected on the progress report will be from the last 6 weeks, through January 12.  

Science & Literacy:  Students are preparing for the science Fair that is quickly approaching. “How To Do” necessities such as background research and writing, procedures and experimentation is introduced in science class and continued in Literacy.  The hope is that students have more time  and guidance and support to complete each portion of their project.

Social Studies:  Last week we started a unit called Colonization and Settlement.  Most of our focus will be on the early colonies in North America before the American Revolution.  We will examine the various cultures that settled here and reasons why people left their home countries.  We will also look at the challenges colonists faced as well as conflicts with the Native Americans.  This week students will have three worksheets that will be homework if not completed in class (The Early Colonists chart, The Early Colonists questions, and Graphing European Immigration questions).  Lastly, before Christmas break, many students wrote letters to 6th grade students in Hyderabad, India.  The letters were delivered over the break and the Indian students wrote back.  These letters just arrived and will be handed out on Tuesday.  Hopefully this will be exciting for our students!

Language Arts: students have created and designed a PLP (Personal Learning Plan) blog and will write about themselves this week.  They will also begin to examine Jamestown and New England settlements through primary and secondary sources.  We will hopefully begin reading The Sign of the Beaver, a book about a young boys settlement experience in Maine in the 1760s.  

Monday, December 18, 2017



As winter break nears, we would like to celebrate the conclusion of several projects and tests with a student breakfast.  We would like to ask each student to bring in a little something to share on Friday, December 22.  Students will sign up in Ms. Johnson's room.  You can also respond to this email, or contact

In addition to the breakfast, students will have a variety of activities in which they can choose to participate. If you or your child has a board game they can bring in, this would be a great help.

Outdoor clothing needed for Wednesday advisory time (coats, gloves, boots)
Math: Module 1 Test Wednesday and Practice fractions over break
Language Arts:  Students are expected to hand in their explorer essay today.  Students that are not prepared to meet the deadline are welcome to stay after school today (Monday) and Wednesday 12/20/17.  
Science- Kids are working on creating testable questions. Science Fair will be February 8th
Social Studies:  There are quite a few students who did not complete their "The Things They Carried" project, so Monday will be used for those students who need to complete their work.  For those who have finished, I introduced an opportunity for our students to communicate with a 6th grade class in a public school in India. My son is working their for the year as part of a "gap year" program and has connected us with the classroom.  Some students are make a video, and many others are writing letters.  This will be the focus for part of our week. Here is a link if you would like to see the classroom:
We will also be viewing the movie Apollo 13 as it relates to modern day exploration.
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Monday, December 11, 2017

12/11/17 Weekly Parent Email

Hello to All!

  • As I am sure you are aware, report cards have been delayed due to a systems error.  They should be out this week!

  • Please Note- the STAR Math and STAR reading assessments have been moved to February.

Math students have been filling out their planners daily and are expected to show their parents.  This week, students should have at least 3 nights of math homework.  Next week there will be a Module 1 test on rates and ratios.

Social Studies:  Last week, students finished their research on their "modern day" explorer using a graphic organizer.  This week they will take their research and put it together into a "journal" like project called: The Things They Carried.  This will be due at the end of the class Friday.  They can bring them home during the week to work on them and to show you their progress.

Language Arts:  Using the research compiled in this class as well as in Social Studies, students will write a 2-4 page informational essay.  The first day of essay writing is today, and all essay writing will be completed by Friday.  Several students still owe a Dead Man at Indian Creek summary, as well as a two paragraph written piece on Columbus.  These should be finished for homework and turned in before Friday. Students are welcome to stay after today, Wednesday or Thursday if they need assistance.

As always, students are expected to read a minimum of 20 minutes per night for their literacy class. There are still many overdue storyboard projects that need to be completed.  Arrangements can be made to stay after school with Miss Baldwin if the project cannot be completed for homework.